Motivational speech

Hello everyone!
Here I am to give you some motivational speech on development of your life.

Motto is to “Learn from pains you undergo, stand alone and fight for what you love and also be a peace maker”.

So let’s start on talkin’about some points that can help you out in future.

1) How many of you have a post relationship breakups and some best friends ditching you for some reason?

And the answer would be many have these problems, some will tell out as they are open minded and the others would keep it into their heart and never let others know their problems. They are self esteem persons but they don’t speak out because of lack of helpless nature which will not happen if you help them.
People once left you will never return back, they will find someone else in that place and get settled. Here you will be keeping hopes on them which will never happen. Destroy that hopes and start chasing your dreams build a carrier and stand opposite to them like a boss.

2) How many people like goodness than greatness?

May be none. It’s because people need greatness to become famous and goodness isn’t watched out.

3) If I give you all an apple which looks good and an apple with few scratches. Which one do you choose?

Everyone will choose an apple which is good and no scratches in it. This is how people used to think and thats the reason why your relationship doesn’t work till the end. That scratches doesn’t matter at all. That same apple can give you the same taste. So people, learn to choose things better.

4) Why do you need a guy who is good in appearance?

Choose a guy who appears weird and he will also give you the same love as you needed the most. Here appearance is not needed, hire a person who might not be handsome or cute still they can help you in future. They can give you best results and sweet memories in life.

Now let’s come to carrier issues.
People would think of starting a start up but they end up by not working on it properly. It’s because they are not weaker but they used to think in a negative way that “oh no! suddenly if it doesn’t work then I will fall into big destructions. So let’s not work on it”. This is how their mindsets are.

Why can’t everyone think positive?

Why not you give an attempt on it. Try to take risks in future, anyhow you will undergo sudden problems and few challenges. These problems are a part of life that will make you strong enough to fight. Fight for glory and for your own survival. Never stop once you started. Don’t restrict yourself. Not everyone will get a chance like you. Think of why you started and why you’re leaving it.

5) How to create greatness in you?

You people will be thinking on this question a lot. But the answer is “choose a goal, hit onto the target, with all your energy and giving your 100% best in it”. If you hit perfect then your greatness would be watched around the world. Your lack of confidence can sink you down. Create confidence, learn to tackle with obstacles or hardships that arrive near you and if you stop working on it then you will be a failure not a success. Stop dreaming start working, let people know how much worth you are. You can be one of a reason to make them happy.

You may come across many obstacles and you might be discouraged by few people’s. They start to abuse you and make fun of you. Let them make it but if you reach greatness they will be the first person to love you. They doesn’t know the value of life. Your struggles may not be known but you destiny defines your future. Learn till you die. Write history and be a peace maker.

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